Ministry brings you into contact with people going through things you otherwise might never be able to understand or comprehend

Reverend Michael Mair

St David's, Broomhouse, Edinburgh

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Tomorrow's Calling - how will you answer?
Hear from our ministers to find out more about a life in ministry

Take a Pew
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Take a Pew Church of Scotland The Moderator Rev Dr Russell Barr

Watch our latest Take a Pew video from Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Host Rev Neil Glover is joined by The Moderator of the General Assembly, Rev Dr Russell Barr, Rev Tommy MacNeil of Martin’s Memorial Church Stornoway and Deputy Director of Shelter Scotland Alison Watson to discuss tackling homelessness and the role Church Ministers play in helping improve the plight of  homeless people through Christian charity, God’s love and leadership.

Our pews will continue to visit Scotland’s iconic places, with invited guests ‘taking a pew’ alongside Church ministers to discuss topics such as wellbeing, homelessness and change in the Church. By signing up now, we’ll alert you when each new Take a Pew film is released and you’ll be able to submit your own discussion topic and suggest a location for the pews to visit

Want to serve God?
It’s your call

What does it mean to have a calling from God? How will you know? And what should you do about it?

Visit our Your Calling page to hear from Rev. Neil Glover on what a calling is, and for some ideas on what to do next.


What kind of people become ministers?

All sorts of very different people are selected and trained for ministry in the Church of Scotland.