Learning the Basics of When Pigs Fly

From its time of release in 2016, When Pigs Fly, to a greater extent, has been a source of excitement and fulfilment to both newbie and seasoned punters who identify with cartoons. Like other video slots covered in the netentcasino website, it offers a lot to be desired.

When Pigs Fly Game Overview

As you play When Pigs Fly, your primary objective is to get matching symbols on the adjacent reels, that begins from the leftmost reel. Where there're two matching combos, the longest one gets the payout award. Deluxehounds is quite detailed about When Pigs Fly. To enjoy this game:

  1. Begin by setting up an account
  2. Take some time to familiarize with the slot by playing the free version
  3. Once you have acquired top skills, move ahead to place a wager and play smart

In the event that more of the same type of icon is available on a particular payline, a player stands a greater chance of having more wins. Mister Piggy Armstrong, the goody astronaut pig will always fly through the cosmos as you play.


Sound Effects and game Setting

When Pigs Fly's soundtrack has a blend of the sound of ships and mystical music blasting into the ether. Although it might sound a little normal that a player is not likely to earn an award for originality, this isn't the same case with When Pigs Fly.

You can access the game settings by clicking the spanner icon located at the lower-left corner of the screen. For swifter gameplay, you can select the quick spin option. You can also switch the sound effects on and off, ambiance sound, and intro screen in the settings section.

Increasing Ways to Win at When Pigs Fly

There is one very exciting thing about the Re-spin feature in When Pigs Fly. The number of ways for you to win increases with each Re-spin that you win. This conditions for even a bigger win. As you start the main game, you have 45 ways to win.

The first re-spin has a whopping 135 ways to win. Your second re-spin boosts the winning ways to 405 while the third re-spin gives you 675 ways to win. The fourth and the faith re-spins give you 1125 and 1875 ways to win.

When Pigs Fly Video Slot Layout

The reel grid in When Pigs Fly isn't the usual 3x5 affair. This game shows a deviation from the norm and subsequent creation of a cross-shaped grid. This entails a single row on the first reel and three rows on the second and fourth reels. the game's layout:

  • Automatically adapts as you play
  • Gives you up to 3,125 ways to win

It is feasible that with When Pigs Fly's layout, you may end up with a reel grid of 5x5. whenever you trigger re-spins, the shape of the reels changes. You are capable of hitting up to five re-spins. each re-spin opens up two new symbols.

To Start Free Spins, Win

Do you still remember Mister Piggy Armstrong, the fearless pig astronaut? well, it's ready to the flight and all you need is to commence the countdown to let him enter the spaceship. Forget about the lineup Bonus Symbols and the match Scatters. Win to unlock the Free Spins features.

You will automatically be awarded one re-spin the moment you match the winning combination. You will get yet another re-spin if the round is successful. You qualify to play eight free spins when the pig boards the spaceship. This is subject to you completing five winning combinations.