Your Calling

What is a calling and how do you act on it?

“Every person’s path is unique, but it is not one we walk alone.”

In the video above, Rev Neil Glover talks about what it means to feel a calling to God, and the path you may find yourself on when called.

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“There is a verse in the New Testament that says, we are God’s work – being honed, sharpened, perfected. And that this happens when we walk the way that God prepared for us beforehand.

“It’s an inspiring idea that the universe has a path in it, prepared just for us, uniquely us.

“Where is this path? It’s where your great passions lie – often passions that come as a surprise. It’s where the great needs of the world are, the work that this world needs done and done well. It’s where wise people, people you trust, suggest might be your way.

“When finding our path in life, we ask the biggest questions, about who we are, where and when God might be calling us. And the task of listening is sometimes difficult, but also hugely exciting.

“The Church of Scotland seeks new people to train for our next generation of ministers. Is this path for you?

“Church of Scotland ministry happens in a huge variety of ways. But at its heart, it’s about how you love. We are looking to understand the connections you make between your faith and your life.

“How do you relate to other people – in friendship and leadership, how might you live in places where there is conflict? How open are you to learning new skills and wisdom? In particular, how are you listening to others? Leading this diverse community called Church? How are you at leading worship?

“And how able are you to reflect on your life, thinking about experiencing, sensing where God is at work and how we change in the light of it? How passionate are you about making a difference in the world and sharing the Church’s Good News about Jesus?

“Every person’s path is unique, but it is not one we walk alone. And in the Church of Scotland we are committed to walking it with you.

“We have a website,, where you’ll find information on this thing we call ministry, details on how to contact us and also people in the church you can talk to.

“If Tomorrow’s Calling, are you ready to answer?”

How do you begin to work out if the path of your life includes working in one of the Church of Scotland’s ministries?

The first question we would ask is this; “Are you interested in finding out more about ministry?” If the answer is yes, then please contact us. You can call us on 0131 240 2205 or submit an enquiry via the contact form.

A member of our team based in Edinburgh can then meet with you or, across the country, we have a team of vocations champions who are specially trained in thinking through some of the big questions about where our paths will take us.

We also invite you to attend one of our Vocations Information Days, where there is a chance to ask some of the basic questions about ministry in the Church of Scotland.

After that, there is a period of discernment where, with others, you ask the big questions such as: Who am I? How does God want me to serve? What is the path that God has ahead for me?

And, following discernment, we assess whether you should move on to full training.

Image credit: Geraint Rowland

Vocations Champions

Someone to talk to about your calling

Vocations Conferences

A chance to ask about ministry in the Church of Scotland

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